Introduction :
This set of security articles was written and assembled by QuickFix PEI to demonstrate the vulnerabilities of wireless network encryption.

Please select an encryption-type from the menu above to view the corresponding security article.

Breaking into a protected wireless network is illegal!
The content and instructions contained herein are for educational purposes, only. I did not break the law when creating this example. All information in the screenshots is that of my own networks that I compromised for this demonstration. You may attempt the steps outlined at your own risk - on your own network. If you wish to hack an other wireless network you must get permission from the network owner.

These articles were written for beginners and aim to provide just enough information to complete the tasks without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary detail.
Each article contains an introduction and divides the process into multiple small steps. Each step includes examples and a corresponding screenshot for each command.

Each article also contains an index of terms and definitions. You can click each term to view a wikipedia entry for further information and a more detailed description.

We have also created high quality videos to go along with each article. If you get stuck you can refer to the video as a reference.

All software(s) used in these articles are included with the Backtrack 5 (Linux) operating system.
Backtrack has now been retired and replaced by Kali Linux which is available as a free download.
The process and commands are exactly the same in both operating systems so you can use whichever you prefer.
We recommend Kali Linux however Backtrack 5 is a suitable alternative for older computers.

Both Linux distributions are issued as "Live discs" which means that you can load the operating system from a DVD and use it without installing it or otherwise modifying your existing operating system.

You can download either Linux distribution from the links below :

  • > Backtrack 5 R3  (

  • > Kali Linux  (

  • The available articles are listed below. They are also available for download in PDF format :

  • [ PDF ] : WEP intro

  • [ PDF ] : WEP (open) with a client(s) connected.

  • [ PDF ] : WEP (open) with no client(s) connected.

  • [ PDF ] : WPA TKIP PSK with a client(s) connected.

  • [ PDF ] : WPS (pin).

  • Copyright 2015 QuickFix PEI